Video-On-Demand (Multimedia Demo over wireless Network)

Objectives :

  • Development of Protocol stack for a Multimedia wireless LAN to achieve real time multimedia applications in mobile environment.
  • To develop API's for call admission control, buffer management and synchronization.

    Description :

    A four node wireless network on Linux platform was installed then Multimedia application Program Interfaces was developed on this established wireless network.
  • Call admission control.
  • Buffer Management.
  • Synchronization.

    Call Admission Control API

    Taking the decision about admission of new clients without degrading the QoS of existing applications.

    Buffer Management API

  • Limited Buffer Size at client.
  • To Achieve Continuous Playback.
  • Multimedia data needs large amount of Resources (storage and Bandwidth), and is Delay Sensitive.
  • Buffering at Base station.
  • Only part of the file is required to initiate Playback , say 20% .
  • Rectification of data loss due to wireless problems.
  • Optimal usage of memory at the client end.
  • An uninterrupted play out.
  • Faster access time and hence lesser delays.

    Synchronization API

  • To control the delay jitter.
  • To perform inter-stream and intra-stream Synchronization.
  • Distributed Data
  • Delay Due to Media
  • Multiple Clients/processes
  • A MM-Object may have Multiple Components, with different Playback rates
  • At the Base station
  • At the client
  • At some intermediate hops, when it is internet communication

    Topology for Multimedia Demo :

    Protocol Stack of Multimedia Demo :