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Hi, thanks first for showing interest and visiting my homepage.My name is Pratik Prashant Dixit. I am pursuing my MSc(Engg) degree here in IISc..

MSc(Engg) degree is post-graduation by research kind of degree. So it is different than ME/MTech degrees. The focus here is more on the research than on the course work.

I am working in Protocol Engineering and Technology lab in Electriacal Communication Engineering department. My research guide is Prof. P. Venkataram. I am working in area of Wireless Security. I have a publication ( I am determined to have more than two before my course ends) which is concerned with the security aspects of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. This area is currently really-really hot. Everyone seems to be working in it.

Back to my personal info, I am basically from Kolhapur which is located in south-west of Maharashtra. I did my schooling there. I joined Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli ( This is the best college in southern Maharashtra). I took the CS branch as I knew that with engineering degree in CS, I wouldn't have any problem to be placed in industry. But after BE I wanted to go for graduate studies and so appeared for GATE and now I am here.

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