Pallapa Venkataram
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  Professional Activities

    Scholary Addresses

  • Conducted an Indo-UK Workshop on Ubiquitous Computing (IUWUC'05), Bangalore, November, 16-17, 2005.
  • Worked as one of the Conveners in Conducting a National Symposium on Engineering Education (NSEE-05), Bangalore, November, 16-17, 2005
  • Venkataram P,Special Address: Issues and Challenges in e-Learning, at International Conference on e-Learning , Namakkal, October 2005.
  • Venkataram P,Inaugural Address at National Seminar on Advances in Computers and Communications (NCACC-2005), Tanjavur, May 2005.
  • Venkataram P, Keynote Address: Inaugural Address at National Seminar on Recent Trends in Computer Communications and Networking (RTCCN-2005), Bagalkot, March 2005.
  • Venkataram P,Keynote Address: Mobile Commerce: Vision and Challenges, Information Technology: Prospects and Challenges (ITPC-2003), Kathmandu, Nepal, May 2003.
  • Venkataram P, "Wireless ATM", Intl. Congress (INTERCON'96), Trujillo, PERU, August 1996.

  • Venkataram P, "Current Trends in Multimedia communication in Wireless Networks", Intl. Conf. on Computer Communication (ICCC'95) Plenary Session, Seoul, August 1995.

    Service to the Profession

  • Programme Committee Member, Seventh International Workshop Engineering Societies in the Agents World (ESAW 2006),6th-8th September 2006, Dublin, Ireland.
  • Programme Committee Member, 1st International Workshop on Theory Building and Formal Methods in Electronic/Mobile Commerce (TheFormEMC 2004), October 01-02, 2004 in Toledo, Spain.
  • Programme Committee Member, International Workshop on Mobile Commerce & Services (WMCS 2004), July 6-9, 2004, San Diego, CA, USA.
  • Programme Committee Member, The Sixth International Conference on Electronic Commerce Research (ICECR-6), Dallas, October 23-26, 2003.
  • Programme Committee Member, International Workshop on Mobile Commerce Technologies & Applications (MCTA 2003), September 1-5, 2003, Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Programme Committee Member, Mobile Systems, E-Commerce and Agents Technology (MSEAT2003)., Florida, USA, September 2003

  • Programme Committee Member, SPIE/ACM Conference on Multimedia Computing and Networking (MMCN 2003), Santa Clara, CA, USA, January 2003 .

  • Programme Committee Member, Asia PAcific Networks and Operations Management Conference (APNOMS 2001), Sydney, Australia, Sept. 2001.

  • Member, IETE Technical Review Editorial Board

  • Programme Committee Chair, IEEE International Symposium on Wireless Communication for next Millennium (ISWCM'98), New Delhi, Nov 1998.

  • Member, DOEACC Scheme: An AICTE-DOE Scheme for Accreditation of Computer Courses

  • Member, Programme Committee, National Conference on Communications (NCC'98), Bangalore, Jan 1998

  • Session Chairman, IEEE Workshop on Middleware for Distributed Real-time Systems and Services, San Francisco, Dec. 2, 1997.

  • Member, Programme Committee, Trends In Advanced Computing ADCOMP'96, Bangalore, Dec 1996.

  • Key Note Speaker, (ITTFC), KREC, Suratkal, Dec 1996.

  • Chairman, Technical Session on Wireless Communication, (ITTFC), KREC, Suratkal, Dec 1996.

  • Member, Technical Committee, International Conf. on Communication (INTERCON'96), Trujillo, PERU, Aug 1996.

  • Panelist on the panel, "Current trends in Wireless Communication", Intl. Conf. on Computer Communication, Seoul, 1995.

  • Invited Speaker, AICTE Summer School on AI and Expert Systems, Anantapur, May 1995.

  • Delivered Guest lecture on "Multimedia Systems", at an Industrial Meet Organized by Cromputers Ltd, Dec 1994.

  • Invited Speaker, IEEE Annual Convention, Bijapur IEEE Student's Chapter, Nov 1994.

  • Member, Organizing Committee, Teletraffic Analysis Methods for Current and Future Telecom Methods, Bangalore, Nov 1993.

  • Invited Speaker, 36th IETE Annual Convention on Personal Communication Systems, Hyderabad, Oct 1993.

  • Invited Speaker, Telematics Annual Convention (Telematics'91), Bangalore, Sept 1991.