Linux a GNU based operating system has many flavors including embedded flavor, which is being used as operating system in many appliances including mobile phones. This project aims at developing an open linux distribution that is best suited for mobile phones.

With the VoIP (Voice over IP) based services deployment catching up in enterprise networks, a PDA with Wireless connectivity and VoIP service, can act as very good low, cost multi-service mobile phone within enterprise. A PDA with both GSM and WiFi connectivity and VoIP and GSM service enabled, provide a true nature pervasive computing environment for users.

This project facilitate porting and development of software based SIP/H323 phone services on Linux platform running on a PDA with enough CPU resources.

Resaearch Issues:

The project would help creating a evalution platform and test-bed for addressing issues like:
  1. Mobility
  2. Security and authentication
  3. Accounting
  4. Quality of Service
  5. WiFi and 3G integeration