Indo-UK Workshop on Ubiquitous Computing

November 16-17, 2005


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Workshop Program

The workshop focuses on the distribution of technical knowhow in Ubiquitous Computing. Delegates from research communities and industries of both countries join to exchange, discuss, distribute and enhance their work knowledge of the field. The first of its kind workshop in India aims mainly at exchange of knowledge between two countries in ubiquitous computing and its allied areas. It is also a first of sorts research community - industry interaction on an international scale between the two countries for a noble cause. The workshop marks a humble beginning for what we hope to be a long, fruitful journey by the participating countries.

A novel idea in its formation as it is, the workshop is broadly classified into four events, namely,

  1. Technical sessions.
  2. Showcase sessions.
  3. Young Researchers' Symposium.
  4. Demonstrations.

Topics covered in the Technical Sessionss

This covers invited and contributed papers from eminent researchers.
  • Terminology of adhoc networks.
  • Research and industry trends in adhoc networks and related areas by both the industry and the research front.
  • Indo-UK strategic partnership in adhoc networking knowledge exchange.
  • Developing applications for adhoc networks - Design & Implementation methodologies.
  • Demonstrations of applications over adhoc networks.
  • Future research paths.
  • Information sources for adhoc networking and related areas.

Showcase Sessions

The sessions showcase current software and applications in adhoc networking. The core competencies needed to carry world class research in the field will be discussed. The sessions will provide participants with a feel of the nature of services that can be provided by adhoc netwok applications and the level of technical knowhow needed to achieve the same. The sessions can be used to showcase the talents of the research community and industry and can pave way for a mutual distribution of knowledge and software that will be most profitable for the both parties.

Young Researchers' Symposium

Current research projects of the students from the participating countries will be presented here. As the symposium will focus on the ongoing research work by the countries in the adhoc computing field, this session will be eagerly awaited by the participants and the delegates alike.

Practical Demonstrations

Demonstrations of practical adhoc networking experiments will provide a depth understanding of the nature of such applications which also help in planning future research projects.

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