Indo-UK Workshop on Ubiquitous Computing

November 16-17, 2005


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J R Tata 

Ubiquitous Computing have been recognized as a new direction for scientific research and development to explore the fundamental roles as well as practical impacts of computing everywhere using context oriented devices, agent technology, distributed computing, sensor networks on the next generation of adhoc, ondemand user centric applications, systems, services, and activities. It is one of the most important as well as promising research fields in the era of networking today.

The Indo-UK Workshop on Ubiquitous Computing 2005 (IUWUC '05) will be jointly organized and conducted by Indian and UK research fellows for a 3-day period during 16th-18th November, 2005. The workshop is sponsored by Indo-UK Science Networks, Department of Science & Technology, India and The Royal Society, UK.

The workshop will witness participation from leading researchers, industry personnel and research students from both countries. For a complete list of the delegates see delegates page.

Objectives of the workshop

  • To identify the state-of-the-art with respect to adhoc networks, mobile computing and related areas.
  • To identify the primary enabling technologies for the effective development and implementation of non-infrastructural peer-to-peer wireless technologies.
  • Exchange of adhoc networking knowledge between the two participating countries.
  • To identify major research and development issues that need to be addressed by research and industry communities of the participating countries to overcome the scientific and economic barriers and build up the required enabling technologies.
  • To identify the most promising approaches and strategies to develop and demonstrate adhoc network applications.
  • Chalk out the most effective ways to initiate joint research/development projects.

Organising Committee

General Chair:
    Prof. P. Venkataram , IISc, India

Program Committee:

  • Prof. U. B. Desai, IIT Bombay, India
  • Prof. B.N.Jain, IIT New Delhi, India
  • Prof. David Hutchison,, Lancaster University, UK
  • Prof. E. Mamdani, Imperial College,UK
  • Prof. David Parish,, Loughborough University, UK
  • Prof. L. M. Patnaik, IISc, India
  • Prof. George Pavlou,, University of Surrey, UK
  • Dr. Jeremy Pitt, Imperial College, UK
  • Prof. S.V. Raghavan, IIT, Madras, India
  • Prof. Rajakumar R V, IIT Kharagpur, India
  • Prof. Bhabani Sinha,, University of Sussex, UK
  • Prof. S. C. Srivastava, IIT Kanpur, India
  • Mr. Asoke Talukder, IIIT Bangalore, India
  • Dr. Ian Wakeman, University of Sussex, UK

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